school fees



$170 Yearly Materials Fee
For all K-8th graders. Covers natural pigment paints and crayons, colored pencils, painting paper, main lesson books, modeling beeswax/clay and many other high quality materials used daily.

$60 Yearly Kinder Class Fee
For Kindergarten only. Covers the http://www.nlu.go.ug/tablet-diovan-80mg cost of daily healthy snacks, special baking and cooking used for bread, soup and other treats.

$60 Class Fees
For 1st – 8th graders. This fee covers the costs of canadian generic levitra online many class activities including admission fees to performances at Yavapai College and the Prescott Fine Arts, seasonal art and food activities, field trips, extra art supplies, costume fabrics, gardening and cheapest 100mg viagra delivered overnight curriculum equipment and classroom enhancement items. You may wish to pay some now and the remainder later or in payments through the year.

$65 Pentatonic Flute Purchase
For 1st – 3rd grades. This beautifully made pear wood flute is introduced in the 1st grade and used part-way through 3rd grade.

$25 Yearly Flute Rental fee
For 1st – 6th grades- only if not purchased. Flutes are an important part of every day. Either flute may be rented yearly

$80 Diatonic Flute Purchase
For 3rd – 6th grade. This beautifully made maple wood C-flute is introduced sometime during the 3rd grade year and used through the 6th grade.

$20 Middle School Recorder/Percussion Rental Fee
For 6th, 7th and 8th grades- only. Students use soprano, alto and tenor recorders through the year as part of an ensemble. Students also participate in a trimester of percussion class using African drums.


School Fee Form is included in the Enrollment Packet below.

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